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The Top 10 Reasons You Do Not Want To Take Antidepressants Unless you have a proven medical reason to do so.

1.   They will make you gain 30 to 40 pounds even if you are on the Atkins or South Beach diet.

2.   You will need to get a prescription for viagra to counter the side effects .

3.   You probably will not be able to change  insurance companies because you are branded a nut.

4.   You will be so mellow that you will not care that you are standing in front of a moving bus.

5.   You may have to get a prescription for Propecia or Rogaine because your hair may fall out.

6.   You need to have a doctor check to see if your liver is rotting out from the chemicals in the meds.

7.   Your muscles will probably ache or create spasms.

8.   You will have a harder time having any doctor finding you a credible patient with any complaint you may have.

9.    If your medicine use becomes known at the office you can kiss your career good bye.

10.  You may lose your health insurance and have to choose between food and a roof over your head and being a junkie.

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